Lightning protection design of apartment house

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The subject of this thesis concerns the planning of an external lightning protection

system of an apartment complex that is being constructed in the second district in


At the beginning of the dissertation, I demonstrate the development and properties

of lightning as well as its destructive primary and secondary effects on both humans and

buildings. Parallel I outline the elements and functions of an external lightning protection

system that provides protection against its primary effects.

In the second part I outline the basics of the current MSZ EN 62305 lightning

protection standard, detail the risk components and the process of the related risk analysis


In the third part, I present the building and perform the risk management based on

the data available, decrease the risk with the help of the variable parameters and determine

the required lightning protection level.

Finally, I design the external lightning protection system: the air-termination,

down-conductor and eart-termination systems while mentioning detailed construction

advices, then I give an overview of future developments.


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