Development of a WiFi-based Multiplatform Logic Analyzer

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My Thesis is about a Wi-Fi based platform free logic analyzer. The first semester’s purpose was to build a hardware, and the second’s was to write the softwares, and client side applications.

Logic analyzers’ supreme use cases are debugging circuit boards that are still in development. These devices are able to sample digital signals and later visualise them, for example on a PC, so we can analyze them. On the market of logic analyzers we can find oscilloscope-like devices with a built-in hardware that is capable of visualizing the datas, or USB based ones, that transmit the captured data to a PC or other device. These solutions make constraints and they are not platform free.

My thesis is about to make a device, that is platform free, easily moveable, and with it you can also view easily the measured datas on a smart phone, too. My job was to examine the oportunities and find an optimal solution to the probleme.

The job involves many fields: designing hardware, writing embedded and FPGA software, writing web applications and making webpages.


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