Multiplatform Floorball Match Tracker Application

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, almost everyone owns mobile phones, the devices become a big part in the everyday life. Due to this change the kind of informatic solutions should be provided which are optimized to and strongly supporting the usage of mobile phones.

This thesis is about the implementation of a system which is created for floorball and its main functions are to manage and view league data. The system also has a feature to follow games in real time.. This system is not only made for one country’s leagues, it can be used globally with supporting of more countries with more leagues.

The managing and viewing functions are provided by mobile clients. The applications are available for the main mobile platforms (android, iOS) and implemented with Xamarin. The clients use a backend system which is implemented with the use of ASP.NET Web Api. The data is stored in a MS SQL database. The backend system can send push notifications through the messaging service of Firebase Cloud.

According to the clients, the client with managing functions is made for the floorball federations of different countries and the client with viewing functions is made for the fans.


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