Multiplatform Application Development for Smart TV

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years we have seen a substantial increase in the popularity of not only smartphones and tablet computers, but also Smart TVs. The television is the largest and most frequently viewed screen in the household, either directly or indirectly in the background. Therefore, applications developed for these platforms are expected to gain further popularity. There is a large number of services currently made available to tablet PC, smartphone and IPTV users, which could certainly benefit from supporting Smart TV platforms.

In my thesis I introduce the platforms of the two major players in the Smart TV market. I demonstrate a process by which applications can be developed for multiple platforms by reusing the most code. I further describe an architecture that enables the implementation of this process and compare the most frequently used components of the two Smart TV APIs.

Furthermore, I highlight the most significant differences we must take into consideration while developing a user interface for a Smart TV application, compared to that on a mobile platform. I make recommendations regarding the most effective layout for such a user interface.

I further demonstrate the use of the UCP protocol, which is not directly related to Smart TVs, but it has an indispensable role of the application's functionality.

Based on my research, I implement the Magyar Telekom's Utasbiztosítás mobile application on Samsung, as well as LG Smart TV platforms as a live project. SMS messages sent from within the application will be routed through a middleware that processes requests through a socket server using SSL encryption. Messages will be sent through the Telekom's SMSC server via UCP Protocol.


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