Supporting multiplatform application development

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In software development the synchronisation of the high-level (logical) requirements, plans and specifications with the low-level (physical) plans and implementations is a difficult and time-consuming task, these processes are difficult to automate and often require expensive or complicated technologies and tools. This thesis presents the development of a platform and device-independent diagram editor for educational purposes, which later can be further developed to be able to solve the aforementioned problems.

The application provides a web based diagram editor, which can be used to create or edit component diagrams. The application is capable to save the diagrams both to the server and to a JSON file locally, which is compatible with almost all of the applications, that implements the JointJS framework. The created diagrams automatically shared with all users of the application, making the real-time collaborative editing of the diagrams possible, thus accelerating the development of the diagrams and later the application, that are based on these diagrams.

This thesis also presents the process of this application’s development, how and based on what kind of specifications are the JointJS JavaScript library and the SwellRT collaborative technology chosen. Furthermore, it also presents the available functions including both their usage and implementation.


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