Developing N-Tier Multiplatform Applications using Xamarin Forms and ASP.NET

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The increasing mobility of the internet society and the continuous changing of the digital content consumption creates new challenges for the developer community. As a result of this, new technologies are born, which are trying to resolve the encountered problems with different approaches compared to previous ones. For the development of web-based services are more and more important the support of the multi-platform or cloud-based environments and integration with the open web development tools. While we are creating mobile applications for multiple platforms, troubles come out with the source code reusability, because of the development tools and frameworks variety.

In my thesis, I describe the new generation ASP.NET Core multi-platform framework for web applications, and the Xamarin Forms cross-platform mobile application development tool. I use this knowledge to design an app with client-server, multi-layer architecture than I implement a prototype with these technologies. I also demonstrate the details of the development process. The chosen app is a simple personal cash flow management application.

It is always challenging in the fresh technologies, that how can we use the best practices and design patterns in the new development model, or what new problems we have to probably resolve.


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