Design and Development of Multiplayer Game on Android Platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the rapid improvement of mobile devices, gaming software play an ever-growing role on smartphones and tablets. Also, due to technological advances, it is now expected that instead of games designed for a single player, we could also include our peers in the activity. As a result of smartphones being so prevalent, it is reasonable to analyse and assess the possibilities provided by them – and more specifically the Android platform, because of its popularity.

Numerous game engines have been developed to support this notion, so that the typical recurring problems would have a standardized solution – but the usage of these engines also requires additional knowledge.

The primary goal of the thesis was the development of such a multiplayer game. After the assessment of the capabilities of the available, often-used game engines, the choice was LibGDX, which is technically a modular cross-platform OpenGL wrapper and application framework, with additional functionalities, such as the handling of audio, files, and image-based textures.

The completed software is a 2D, multiplayer, competitive, real-time game. In terms of networking architecture, it is server-client based. The display is based on custom UI elements. For the implementation of networking communication, the KryoNet library was used, which is a TCP/UDP-based communication library that provides server-client architecture, and is cross-platform between Android and desktop Java, using the Kryo serialization library.

For the extension of functionalities in the application, a server-side component was created, using Spring Boot. The communication between the game and the server is done via HTTP protocol, with the use of LibGDX’s Net module.


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