Multiplayer Card Game on Android Platform with Real Time Support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Because of the spreading of smartphones, not just those applications are used

widely on the phones, that are helping the daily lives, but due to the mobile games, the

entertainment features are spread particularly, too. More and more great game developer

companies are developing also on mobile platforms, or some of them are creating games

only on mobile platforms.

I chose developing a game on Android as the subject of the thesis. Because

nowadays the popularity of games is mainly determined by the social experience of the

users - and not by just a successful and unique idea - the application made for the thesis

is high in social functions. The primary aspect was creating the game on Android

platform, but due to the multiplatform support of the LibGDX framework, a desktop

version was made from the software, and the development was executed to make the

game easily improvable to other platforms like iOS and HTML5.

This document demonstrates the functions of the software, the procedure of

designing, and describes the applied technologies.


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