Optimal partitioning of multi-level cache memories

OData support
Dr. Horváth Gábor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowdays everybody - from the average person, through the workers in the information technology, to the wide variety of mechanical systems and services - has increasing need for computing devices that are as fast as possible. So we can say: time became an important factor for everybody today.

As we can see at the modern computers, the access to the data introduces the biggest delay. The various storage devices can not be fast enough to serve the processor with the data in due time.

Because of this, it is necessary to place the data, that is actually needed, as close to the processor as possible to a faster storage. On the other hand, the capacity of this fast storage is very limited because of its price, and some other reason. So the main task is to find a quite good organization for it.

During my work, I got know a tool called Cacti – a tool to calculate the access latency of various memory devices -, and I had to investigate the Pin Tool – a software for instruction level instrumentation.


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