Multilayer, modular routing module implementation on FPGA based networking device

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Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays in the telecommunication networks the information is usually sent on IP, over Ethernet connection. This ever growing network is used by more and more people all around the world. Thus, a high speed, multi protocol Lookup module is necessary in the big network nodes. Such devices could be designed on FPGAs which provide us the high speed of hardware and the ability of choosing the used network protocols on the system.

The aim of the thesis is to design an FPGA-based multilayer Lookup module which can make Ethernet switching & IP routing. To understand the problem, in the first part of my thesis I will survey the most commonly used network protocols and the switching, routing mechanism on the Ethernet-based IP network. Then, a short introduction to the FPGAs internal structure and operation is made and I will enumerate the advantages of using this device as a network component.

In the design chapter the requirements of the Lookup module are collected and then I make a small demonstration of the available development environment which includes the hardware structure and functional description of the C-board. Then the details of the planning and the functional requirements are described for each building block of the Lookup module.

In the following chapter of the thesis the implementation of each module in the Lookup are detailed.

Finally the functional tests are conducted where delays of each module are collected using special packet data streams similar to real network traffic. The RTL level simulator of the design software is used for this operation.

At the end I summarize the work and the possibilities of further development are described.


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