Determining multiple intelligence scale in an adaptive manner

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This paper presents a multiplatform software system, which measures human intelligence with the help of mobile applications. Based on the newest researches, human intelligence should not be measured according to the traditional IQ (Intelligence Quotient) theory, but rather as Gardner describes it in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The presented system is built on the AdaptEd framework, and expands its' possibilities. It creates the oppurtinity to measure the intelligence fields automately and adaptively with the help of biofeedback devices. Based on these automated measurements, we are able to get a detailed and accurate picture of a person's abilities, and are able to create a cognitive profile. This cognitive profile can be expanded by the mental effort measured on each of the intelligence fields, which is possible in the current system.

To enhance the lifespan, improve the extensibility of the system, and to provide long term maintainability, part of my work was to participate in the rewriting of the AdaptEd framework. This rewriting process is indispensable for putting the measurements of multiple intelligence to use and applying them in the future. During the process, my job was to ensure the maintainability és safe operation of the system, along with participating in the implementation phase. As a result, I succesfully served the system with the neccessary tests. By integrating it to a Continuous Integration process, I guaranteed the effectiveness and productiveness of the development, and provided the tools necessary for the future operation of the software.


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