Investigating multi-hop communication in cellular access networks from energy efficiency point of view

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Dr. Vidács Attila
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The title of my thesis is Multi-hop Communication of the Cellular Access Network in Terms of Energy Efficiency, therefore the thesis is about the analysis of new-found methods to reduce energy consumption, confirmed by specific calculations.

During the thesis I describe the evolution of mobile communication technology, namely successive former generations, and Long Term Evolution (LTE), then the upcoming LTE-Advanced technology. The change of network core during generation changes is also considered, but thoroughly examining that is not strictly part of my topic, there is only a quick overview.

In this essay, I describe existing solutions for implementing multi-hop extended network. They are mosly using fixed, deployed relays, but there are opportunities involving both fixed and mobile relays. Only solutions supported by the LTE-Advanced standard are presented and described.

In the second part of my thesis, I examine if the above-mentioned ad-hoc multi-hop extension can be of any help to increase energy efficiency. I searched the adequate metric, then the analysis is supported by specific calculation results, which quantifies the amount of achievable profit.

The last part of the thesis is about looking for an algorithm, which minimizes the number of necessary base stations in an actively managed network, provided multi-hop communication is enabled.


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