Development of self-calibrating algorithms for a multivariable indoor lighting control system

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis is about the development of a calibration and zone identification function of an intelligent lighting controller unit, which is a currently running project at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology.

The zone identification method is capable for automatic detection and identification of the lighting units and sensors are in the same zone, while the calibration process is used for calculating important control parameters.

In this BSc thesis, I introduce first the system, detailing the hardware setup, the software architecture and the necessary modelling considerations. Furthermore, I describe the installation of the experimental system, including the mounting and testing of the hardware elements. I will present the algorithms and the implementations of the calibration and automatic zone identification processes.

Finally, I test the completed methods on the experimental system and evaluate the results. I will also make some suggestions for the further development of the system.


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