Multi-variable lighting controller design

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our daily life we spend lots of time indoors with artificial light sources. Therefore light

controlling is really important: we can save energy and protect our eye sight by the means of

the new method.

Our light control system uses light sensors, easily controllable LED light sources and a

modular microcontroller with controlling algorithm to solve the task. The controller is a

control loop feedback mechanism. In many cases we should consider uncontrolled outside

light sources and noises, which cause different illumination in separate areas of a room. We

usually need consistent illumination in the whole space, a setpoint of luminance value for the


An existing MIMO (more sensors, more independently controllable light sources) controlling

algorithm developed by me solves this problem. After studying the existing system and

updating it appropriately, I have created a simulation for testing the correct operation. The

MIMO system also does preprocessing and filtering of the signals, furthermore identifies the

right parameters for the controller. The current light conditions of the system are defined by

luminance matrices and the MIMO controlling which is based on a derived decoupling


The generalization of the system should be mentioned as the main improvement, because the

current system has more restrictions in implementation. The complexity can also be increased

with new functions or using occupancy sensors.


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