Implementation of a portlet for recruiting in open-source technology

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Companies have a constant need to automate and simplify all of their processes, and to measure their effectiveness. That need has helped to shape the topic of my thesis. I implemented a portlet to support a recruitment process of an insurance company’s agent network.

First, I had to specify the project management methodology to follow. I chose Kanban, because the requirements were not well specified at the beginning, and because I had to take on the whole project alone.

The software had to be based on an source tool chain. I analyzed free, open-source BPM solutions to find the most suitable one, and after careful consideration, I chose Acitviti.

The recruitment employee starts the workflow by uploading the applicant’s CV and entering its metadatas. These will be stored in an Alfresco document management system. After that, the recruitment system assigns the task to the appropriate Area Manager, who then delegates the task to a regional agent - who will interview and evaluate the candidate. After the process, the Area Manager makes his decision based on the evaluation. Deadlines are monitored during the whole process, and all affected people receive change notifications by e-mail.

For a variety of business considerations, the recruitment process has to be monitorized. Because of that, module was created to generate reports for the management, based on parameterized search criteria.

The implemented system was underwent functional and integration tests.


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