Analysis and optimization of microwire bonding process of LED chips

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Dr. Hurtony Tamás József
Department of Electronics Technology

Due to the rapidly evolving electronics and semiconductor industry, lighting and measuring technology has gained numerous opportunities. The invention of LEDs has revolutionized the lighting technique, while many (mainly optical) measurement has become cheaper and more accurate.

LEDs made of different semiconductors are very common in everyday life. They are present in giant displays, traffic lights, various consumer and household goods, and light sources. However, they are mostly similar to one of their features: most of the applications LEDs are encapsulated and manufactured with high volume numbers and mature technology.

My thesis focuses on the manufacturing technology of a Hungarian medium-sized enterprise whose non-primary industrial profile is measuring technology. Due to the mathematical and physical background of developments, LEDs can only be used in a non-encapsulated form as a light source for optical measurements. As a concomitant of low serial production, I searched answers to a number of issues and made further proposals.

During my laboratory work, I became acquainted with the tools of Fault Analysis, and I successfully discovered the defects of the circuit. I got to know the specific production technology and tried the manufacturing process by myself. After listing the error images, I considered their criticality and with this in my mind I made proposals to optimize the production process.


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