Examination of Tomcat and OSGi

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My diploma work is to examine the collaboration between the OSGi framework and Tomcat webserver. For that purpose I created a component based web application which is able to test the functionalities of the implemented environment.

Nowadays the modularity plays more important role in the development than before. With the help of the OSGi framework the responsibilities are divided between modules in a regulated way. In the framework the application’s functionality can be described as the collaborative work of so called bundles which are also more or less standalone applications. The bundles make available for other bundles only the most important parts of their implementation. It provides a high level of abstraction and a big freedom for the developer.

The Tomcat is the proper choice for the integration of the framework, because it is a popular webserver implementation. Through the OSGi offered advantages the web applications can be developed in a dynamic and component based way. It enables a high level of improvement in maintenance and performance.


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