Development of Mass-SMS Transmission System

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Dr. Heszberger Zalán Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The goal of my thesis is to study the SMS (Short Message Service) protocol architecture, the different kinds of SMS gateway systems and the communication protocols of SMS gateway systems. The SMS gateways are connected to the GSM network, and they are giving the possibility to convert an internet message to SMS format or vice versa. With this technology we can send an SMS message from an internet connected server, or we can receive a server command from the GSM network packed into a SMS message.

In the next section I show a traffic monitoring community web page, where some tasks are only solvable with the SMS technology. This is an evidence, that the 26 years old SMS protocol is not outdated, and in many cases is it a good choice to solve some data transmission problems. The existing web page was imlemented to Java EE platform, and it is browsing for informations in a MySQL database.

After the theoretical part I’m planing, developing and testing new web application with SMS sending possibility which will be integrated to the traffic monitoring system. There are different traffic monitoring clients to different mobile phone types. My task is to relieve the installing of those clients. After the marking the type of the mobile phone on a web page is useful to send the web link of the compatible client application fast to the customers mobile phone. This is a good role for SMS gateways…

To the planing phase I use different UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams, and I keep the standards of MVC paradigms. I’m making a design plan from the graphic user interface with the using of color schemas.

In the implementing phase I develop an application to Java EE platform with SMS sender possibility. The SMS sender program is a multithreaded application. In this section I need to analyze the problems of this kinds of applications, and need to solve some security risks too. In the last phase I write automatized unit tests to some classes, and I’m making a functional testing with different users, and mobile phones.


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