Tomographic deep penetration and fluorescent surface imaging with X-rays - analysis of imagining capabilities

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Dr. Szlávecz Ákos
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The X-ray source, planar and spectral detectors available at the Institute of Nuclear Technology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics enable the conducting of X-ray fluorescent, planar and CT measurements.

My thesis covers two topics. First, I explore the ability of XRF analyis in recovering information on the chemical composition of the deeper layers in a material in order to provide data for a future image reconstruction software, which aims at eliminating the artifacts caused by metals by incorporating the composition data. In co-operation with a company specialized in the analysis of paintings we compared the performance of our equipment and a hand-held XRF device. We conducted the joint planar X-ray and spectral measurement of a painting and then we tried to match the metal composition with the shapes in the different layers.

In the second half, I present a software implemented for quickly and automatically determining the resolution of a CT. I tested my program on artificially blurred images, then I measured the resolution of our installation. The need for the fast and easy evaluation of the resolution arises during the development of the improved reconstrucition algorithm and as a supplement for special test pieces.


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