Torrent alapú lemezkép terjesztés

OData support
Wacha Gábor József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In our modern, computer and computer network based society, the distribution of a disk image is a very frequent activity. Disk cloning and distributing is really important in many situations in our everyday life. The disk cloning needs to be fast and robust in a professional environment. Enterprise environments are inconceivable without disk images and their fast cloning. The virtual machines are getting more popular, and the mainting is easier with quick and robust disk cloning. This thesis demonstrates how to create and distribute disk images. We get familiar with the existing disk cloning solutions and we get an evaluation. The reader could cognize the peer-to-peer paradigm deeply and one exact realization of it, the Torrent. In this thesis, the reader meets with a new disk image distribution solution, that is using the P2P paradigm. I will show a full picture about the new system with tests and measurements. At the end of the thesis, there is an overview and evaluation about the work.


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