Tower Defense Client Development on Android

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The topic of my thesis is to create a multiplayer Tower Defense client application for Google’s Android mobile platform.

The first part of my thesis reviews the basics of the platform and its specialities: the Virtual Machine (VM) that runs the applications on the Android platform and the differences between it and the standard (SUN) Virtual Machine; .the challenges of application developement on low-performance systems, such as mobile phones or embedded systems; the difficulties of online (web-based) application developement; the supported graphical methods on Android platform and the picking of the best-fitting graphical system based on measurement results; and the principles of user interface design;

Additionally, efficent Java and Android-specific programming methods are described, as well as the main problems and solutions of multi-threaded application design; and the challenges and solutions of the isometric graphical view.

During the semester, I have experienced multi-threaded, online (web-based) application implementation and application design on low-performance systems. I have designed and implemented a complex application, what fulfills the requirements of a typical user on the Android platform, thanks to the used methods and technologies (which are described in the thesis).


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