Development of a web application managing stock market data on Java EE 7 platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my work, I created a web application for handling stock exchange data. Alongside

the web application and it's tests, dierent kinds of web services are also available. The

web application was developed using the JavaEE 7 framework, deployed on a Glasssh

application server and is supported by a MySQL database. While building the application

I focused on using easy-to-maintain and easy-to-change components so that the application

can meet the requirements of an enterprise portal.

The web application can handle two roles: simple user and administrator. The login

screen is the same for every type of user, but the functionality of the pages can be accessed

based on the roles of the users. Simple users can download, save, and load stock exchange

data, modify their prole and check their friends' proles. Their requests will be saved in

the database, as certain data on the screens will be displayed according to their activity.

Administrators have also the right to create new users and modify the proles of each

registered user. The web services oer user and stock exchange data: simple users can only

query these data, but administrators are allowed to modify them.

My work also includes tests for the functionality of all tiers of the web application -

database, business, web tier - . A separate framework is used to monitor the code quality

and metrics during the development process, so that the reliability of the application can

be controlled via a clear and thorough way.


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