Stock technical analysis supporting software for Windows Phone 7 platform

OData support
Madari István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis I created a software that is suitable for displaying and analyzing stock market data on Windows Phone 7 platform. The application consists of two independently operating software components. The server and the client constitute the functions of the final program.

The server application’s main task is downloading and storing the stock data. Due to the internal data storage system, and the flexible software architecture, the application is capable of downloading the prices from different sources. With the internal update mechanism, the stored data can be up to date. The most important task of the server application is to manage mobile clients. This includes the identification of the users and sending the proper market data to the mobile devices.

The client application runs on the Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, called Windows Phone 7. With the Silverlight technology and the interactive touch screen environment, the application has a highly increased usability and user experience. In addition, to displaying market data the program provides technical analysis tools for the charts. The built-in alert mechanism allows the user to know all the important stock events without connecting to the server. With these functions the software combines the features of the analytical programs from PC, with the portability of the mobile clients.


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