TraffiDroid: an Android application to alert about road side radars

OData support
Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Today, smartphones have become very widespread, and are used not only to make phone calls or send text messages, but also to surf the web, send emails or watch good quality videos. Most of these devices have a GPS receiver, which allows you to use different location-based services, such as car navigation for example. On the other hand not only the number of smartphones has increased, but the number of speedcameras on the roads as well. However, only few people know that the police makes public the locations and times of velocity measurements in every month. And even if they know, it would be difficult to scroll through the data on the police website before each departure.

The purpose of my thesis was to create a mobile application to allow anyone to easily get speedcam information. The speedcams were put on a digital map, which you can use in offline mode, so you do not need to have continuous internet connection. Besides, the application can give a warning for the users, if they are close to speedcams, using the GPS receiver and users’ positions.

In addition to police data, the application can handle user reports as well. The other users can confirm or refute these reports, so you can have an idea about the trustiness of this information.

I developed my application for the Android platform, which is currently the most popular and fastest-growing mobile platform on the market.


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