Development of Transport Stream Editor

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

MPEG Transport Stream is a worldwide used container format for storage and transmission of video, audio and other data in broadcast systems. In my thesis I have written a deffered time (works on stored Transport Streams) Transport Stream editor software, a powerful test generator tool capable of creating different modificated streams for decoder testing.

To accomplish this task I had to study the hierarchical structure of Transport Streams by examining the official standard and other relevant documents.

After two semesters of research and development I have created a complex tool, meant to be a useful aid for developers to get the exact Transport Streams that they want. The software is built of several independent modules and is easily expandable with others. The implemented functions are allowing the user to cut Transport Streams, concatenate stream segments, simulate different Transport Stream errors and manipulate the selected packets of a Transport Stream.

The idea came from Ericcsson Hungary Ltd.


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