Selection and validation process of the transformer used in a specied automotive lamp type

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

The aim of my thesis is to describe the validation process of the transformer used in the ignitor of the D1 type automotive discharge lamp. As my secondary goal I want to introduce an engineering protocol - let’s say best practice – which can be used as a how-to for the future validation plans.

Starting with the voice of customer I’ll use a well structured quality management method combined with Risk Assessment to define the CTQ parameters. The transformer specification, the control plans for manufacturing and also the validation will be derived from these CTQs.

As the specification, the structure and purpose of the transformer was introduced, the guideline of my thesis will be the validation process.

The purpose of the validation process is to make sure that the supplier has all the capabilities to produce the transformers in the desired quality.

In addition to presenting the validation plan, the results of each test round is also reviewed with emphasis on the failures. Decision should be made on accepting or rejecting the samples.

The future goal is, to support the validation with liable engineering decisions (e.g. rejecting sample batches or proposal for improvements), in order to get the first sample of the transformer reach the desired quality and have our approval. After the passed initial tests and transformer design approval we can move to the PVP stage and start the higher sample size production with final equipment,process and controls at the supplier site.


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