Effects of the noise requirements of transformers on designing

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Janka Sándor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Writing my thesis, I have been working for CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt. The theme of my thesis is „Effects of the noise requirements of transformers on designing”.

In my work, I dealt with the problem of transformer noise. I have studied the changes in noise levels in various design configurations. I have changed some parameters that affect the noise sources. The changed values are the inducion, the material of the core, the design of windings, the cooling system and the elastic position.

Then I made an analysis of the noise measurement results of transfromers, that have been produced between 2014-2017. First, I examined the change in expectations compared to the NEMA No. TR-1:1993 standard limits. I have found that expectations decreased, the average is 21,3 dB(A) since 1993. In the following, I studied the change in the sound power level as a function of magnetic induction, core weight and nominal power.

During my work I gained many experiences and have got acquainted with the design of power transformers. I have experienced how complex this process is.

I have got familiar with design and drawing softwares which help the everyday work of the engineers.


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