Development of a transmissive optical measurement platform for LSPR sensors

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Dr. Bonyár Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I have designed and tested a transmissive measuring system for sensors based on the physical phenomenon of localised surface plasmon resonance. According to my goals, the measuring system prototype will be integrable into a portable commercial device in the future as an advanced point-of-care medical instrument. The necessity and demand for such instruments shows an increasing trend as we can see by looking at the ongoing efforts for realization worldwide.

By studying the literature I have learned the pronciples behind the above mentioned phenomenon, got familiar with its advantages, disadvantages and usage in actual devices. I have gained valuable knowledge in the fields of optical design, computer vision, communication between electronic devices and programming graphical user interfaces.

I have used all this knowledge to create more and more complex and sophisticated measurement system configurations, using their results as a feedback for the following attempts. After the early, trial-by-error based experiments I have narrowed down the scope of tests until I was able to create a fully functional system, worthy of comparision in terms of sensitivity with the existing alternatives.

During the design process, I have handled the upcoming obstacles and decision points as pragmatically and professionally as I could, considering them in regards of efficiency in time and budget, and analysing their impact on my later work.


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