Automatic Generation of Transport Layer for WCF web services

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, hardware and software elements, and the IT infrastructures built on them are becoming more and more complex and diversified. The many different platforms and technologies cause connecting products of different vendors more and more difficult, and this results a serious technological challenge and extra expenditures.

The service oriented architechture was created with the intention of solving this problem effectively. The SOA is a paradigm, which defines fundamental principles, concepts and rules, and makes it possible to create models of complex systems and their services. The communication between the parties is defined in a generally interpretable way, making connecting heterogen systems easier.

There are several possible practical implementations of SOA, and one of them is the principle of web-services. Web-services are based on well-defined platform-independent standards that have to be obeyed by everyone, and this makes them particularly capable of solving the mentioned problem. Implementations of web-services are vendor-dependent, but by following the standards, the different implementations can cooperate.

The aim of this diploma is to develop a code generator, that helps to extend the web-servce implementation of Microsoft, with a custom transport layer. This can be desirable, because the framework provided by a software vendor doesnt necessarily include native support for the less common transport protocols, or the possible extra funcionality implemented in a customized transport layer. Extending the framework is a complex and long process, but can be much easier with the use of a code generator.


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