Development of a Transaction-Oriented Informational System on ASP.NET platform

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the corporate culture increasingly important factors are the dynamic improvement, tracking and support of employee skills. For these reasons, the related information and data have to be well structured and organized, so the employees of the company have to be able to access and modify this data. With the date of MAG discussions, the team leaders review the skills of their employees in different areas of jobs, their improvements, and then select the trainings to improve these skills for the future.

In my thesis, I introduce the planning and development of the web application based on the requirements above. I describe assessing the needs of the company, the user requirements, changing the architecture design and rework the existing solutions. Then, I introduce the database plan and the architecture design of the application, which I developed using ASP.NET MVC framework.

After introducing the plans and design, I present the development process and the working application along the user functions. I describe the interesting facts and difficulties which I found during the development. Finally, I sum up the results I achieved and propose the possibilities of future improvements.


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