Transient stability analysis of differently detailed system-models

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Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

It is an essential information for the Transmission System Operators that how safe the current system state is; if the toughness and resistant ability against disturbances and operating condition changes is appropriate or not; whether is it possible to serve the consumers’ energy needs continuously and safely or not.

The analysis and control of power systems’ stability is not only important in real-time system operation, but also important during planning and preparation stages as well. It is necessary that the System Operators know the strength of power systems’ dynamic (also called transient) stability before installing new system components (circuit breakers or automatics), or before planning and performing maintenances or switch-offs.

In the past numerous malfunction occurred due to stability degradations. These past experiences are drawing our attention to constantly monitor the power systems’ dynamic stability. The tool for this is transient stability analysis.

In my Master’s Thesis – after a brief overview of the theoretical background – I analyze the transient stability of differently detailed system-models. Based on the results I evaluate the reliability of the used stability indexes and I draw conclusions and de-termine clarifications about them.


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