Extending Transit Feed Applications with Mobile Participatory Sensing for Live Updates

OData support
Dr. Szabó Róbert
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays smartphones are occupying more and more space in our lives. Due to the built in sensors and the almost constant internet access, a huge amount of useful data can be gathered. Previously this was an almost impossible task because of its high costs. The users of these devices can be motivated to send information for creating services which present surplus value for the community. Users are welcome to use any applications from which they can also profit in everyday life.

Such a service as outlined above can be, for example, an application capable of adding real time informations and departure times to a large city’s static public transportation schedule. Currently only a handful of providers has the necessary data to build such service; even when this kind of data is available, only given limited or no access at all to developers and passengers.

The goal is to create an Android service capable of cooperating a static transportation schedule application and provide a more accurate image of the actual departure times and the condition of vehicles to the end users. Using the current location and the users search queries it is able to identify the arriving and departing vehicles as well as send automated stop messages to the server while the user is travelling on the vehicle. Also displays notifications of important events received from the server.

While solving the task, I tried to be perspicuous and make the application stable and easily extensible. One of the most important task by designing the application programming interface was to achieve a high level of customization. The graphical user interface was built with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

The completed software is a middleware connecting the public transport schedule application, or other possible future applications and the central server. It allows users to report delays and other public transport related events which the service forwards to the server. These messages are delivered to all subscribed users.


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