Examination of treeing by dielectric methods

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Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The most common reason for the malfunction of cables with polyethylene insulation is the phenomenon called treeing forming in the insulation. A number of factors have to occur at the same time for the development of trees and the phenomenon treeing itself; however the launching trees sooner or later will bridge the electrode interval. Because of this, when analyzing the state of a cable insulation, it is indispensable to detect forming trees in the cable insulation as soon as possible, and to know their growing speeds. The aim of the thesis is to establish a laboratory composition suitable for examining treeing, and furthermore the examination of the treeing phenomenon based on dielectric features.

In the first period of my work, I studied the polyethylene insulation and the phenomenon called treeing. I've read some publications from which I defined the parameters for the laboratory method. With these parameters I'm beginning the measurements on the RG-58, polyethylene insulation cable models.


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