Development of a Training Database on the ASP.NET MVC platform

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During job interviews people often get the question „What is your expectation about a job?” and in most cases the answer contains the „opportunity of professional and personal development”. Besides various tasks and challenges development can be obtained by different trainings.

That is why it is so important for companies to have a good database of trainings of the employees: to register when and what kind of internal or external trainings are available, which employee participated in which course. What results they achieved and what the costs of the training were. These data also should be visualized through charts and reports to improve user experience.

Moreover, it is also necessary to store this information together in a central database and in the associated applications instead of having them in stand-alone files. During the development process of this kind of software, security rules must be taken into consideration and only trustworthy, preferably free source codes should be used because of the corporate environment.

In my thesis, based on these requirements, I developed a training database and an associated web application. As first step I assessed the expectations of the company then designed the support database accordingly. I selected the necessary technologies for the development. In my thesis then I describe the steps of the design and development process and detail the opportunities provided by the ASP.NET MVC framework to implement this training database computer application. Then I present my program which was designed through the experiences I had got before, I describe the difficulties which I found during the development and my solutions for them. Finally, I sum up what I learned on my thesis project and propose possibilities for further improvements.


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