Synthesis of trumpet sound based on a one-dimensional acoustic model

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Dr. Rucz Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

As the efficiency of computing has increased and new numerical methods have become widespread, modeling and analysis of musical instruments and sound synthesis have developed rapidly. One of these methods is the waveguide method, which has allowed me to create a one-dimensional, discrete time model of a trumpet tube in my BSc thesis. The effects of the changing diameter, the reflection of the end of the tube and the radiation impedance of the trumpet are also incorporated in the model. Furthermore, I have made time and frequency domain analyses, calculated the input impedance and the inaccuracy of the model and investigated its musical behavior.

The aim of my MSc thesis is to create a trumpet sound synthesizer based on physical modeling using these results. For this, I had to examine the behavior of the lip motion creating the vibration, and the interaction of the lips and the instrument. I made calculations and simulations to get the acoustical variables responsible for the oscillation and used them on the existing instrument to get the output sound radiation.

To investigate the possibility of the musical application of this complex model, I used my results to create a real-time sound synthesizer, implemented in a VSTi plugin.


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