Trusted Platform Module in Embedded Systems

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In these days we store more and more confidential data on our computers. Because the number of malicious programs and viruses also increase, we demand having real confidence in our computers. Trusted Computing (TC) tries to find the solution to this problem with it's most important component the TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

Since the number of computers and other devices equipped with TPM increases, and the technology is more widely used, it is an interesting task to study the potential benefits and problems of using the TPM in embedded systems.

In this thesis I examine the structure and the operation of the TPM, the linux driver for TPM devices, and the available open-source software components. In addition, I review the boot process of the embedded system and the possibilities of adding integrity measurements to that process.

During the semester work I have realized two important components, that enable the use of TPM in an embedded system. These components are the linux device driver and the bootloader that could take integrity measurements.

As the functions provided by the TPM could enhance the security of embedded systems, the number of embedded systems using TPMs is going to rise in the near future.


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