Knowledge Based Decision Support System For University Policy

OData support
Dr. Strausz György
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Knowledge-based systems are artificial intelligent programs that store knowledge of the problem area separated from the rest of the system. These systems solve functions in a manner dependent on the problem by using selected pieces of knowledge, not a preprogrammed algorithm. Those systems that use expert knowledge performing at high level in a narrow problem area, are called expert systems.

This paper is about a knowledge-based decision support system for the University Policy. It analyzes the steps of modeling a legal expert and decision support systems, more specifically, the conceptual modeling and creation of logic rules. My specific task is an consultation interface to University Policy that helps students and teachers to make certain decision with application of the rules of, and has the ability to explain the decision. This paper tells about the design steps of a consultation interface, the creation of an ontology and the construction of knowledge-base which contains logical rules and questions addressed to the user. The steps of a recommended method, then the task of the concrete process can be seen in detail. This paper gives an image about the usage of a knowledge-based decision support system in legal field and in relation to a university policy. It can be observed that modeling of a subject can solve the different tasks, and what steps can be useful for further development of the established knowledge base, ontology, and its consultation interface.


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