Developing knowledge base management and text analysis procedures

OData support
Bóka Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the past few years the issue of the semantic web frequently came up. The objective of the semantic web, is to add meta-data labels to the texts and information’s on the internet and with this way to promote the automatic process of this enormous informal dataset. The meta-data labels organized in a structured conceptual system to which we refer as an ontology, makes the information understandable for personal computers. We can realize these ontology databases as where the data’s and the meaning of the data’s are written down uniformly in the language of mathematical logics. During my final thesis I joined a project which launched to develop an upper level ontology for general topics in the Hungarian language.

In this writing after introducing the reader to the concept of ontologie’s I will explain detailly my tasks in the project. I created two bigger moduls to assist the project. First I present the implementation of a web based ontology browser, which is absolutely necessary to refine the ontology and to supervise the automatic ontology buildings. Immediately after that I show you one of the concepts to create an automatic enlarging of the database. I established an algorihtm, which connects to an English ontology called DBpedia formed from Wikipedia, and also to the Hungarian Wikipedia pages and starts to generate a Hungarian upper level ontology system.


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