Property-Based Locking over EMF Models

OData support
Debreceni Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays the model driver engineering (MDE) is getting more and more popular in the field of complex system development. Expanding the methodology with the tools of collaboration the engineers can work on the same model at the same time, as for that their productivity increase greatly. Features of the applied tools are diverse in these day too, but the continuously growing requirements needs continuous expand and evolution of the tools.

As for making these tools progress on the right way, the MONDO project is working on fundamentals of control theory, scalable modelling and integrating these into an open source cloud base system. My work starts here.

My task is to create a tool that implements property based lock feature over EMF models besides supporting collaboration. Through my work experiences, I explored some already existing option, I checked version control system and the tools of Eclipse. After these with the help of Eclipse IncQuery I have created a domain and editor independent model locking tool.

As a result, I have got a high memory demanding, but efficient, fast tool. As using IncQuery, I have got an easily interpretable, declarative lock pattern. The variables of the patterns, can be fixed to values, or they can be non-determined. The locks can be easily shared with the help of a central server, then they can be applied on the clients’ side. By this way, this solution gives a good base collaboration layer for model development.


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