Review of overvoltage arresters on transmission network substation

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Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I deal with over voltage tools and control measurements.

The protection of over voltage from air or other sources is one of the fundamental conditions of safe operation of power systems

One of the main tasks of MAVIR Hungarian Transmission System Operator Co. Is to maintenance the surgey arresters.

I will present that how necessary is the protection of over voltage, and what type has it got.

I specify how work the SiC and the ZnO arresters, and I show their properties, and the backround of measurements results. I detail the theoretical backround of non linear resistance ZnO scones.

Detail in a separate the potential distribution of overvoltage arrester with spark-gap. I show the negative consequences of this.

After the theoretical review I try to present the measurement process in nowadays with the overvoltage arrester in Sajószöged. I represent the arresters status in Felsőzsolca I and II section whith their wrong power loss. After assessment the arresters has to disassemble components. With th ebest of these components and reservesild the new arresters with the best characteristics.

I detail the characteristics of SiC spark-gap arrester what works many years ago.

I show how important is the thermal imager through a real example.


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