Investigation of overvoltage protection devices against atmospheric and switching impulses

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Switching impulses, arisen in the elctrical networks could mean the same type of dangers to the electrical appliances, as atmospheric impulses. In recent years, protection against these types of impulses became very important in the coordinated surge protection. However it wasn’t possible to know, how today's surge protection devices behave in practice against these 250/2500μs impulses.

In my thesis I examined the reactions of various types of surge protective devices against lightning and switching impulses. I analyzed and compared each of the two different waveform responses, and then, when the measurements were completed, I drew a conclusion from the operability of the surge protective devices against switching impulses.

Major parts of my thesis:

- A short historical overview of the evolution of lightning protection and of the overvoltages.

- Introduction of the protection against overvoltages and of its appliances and of the surge protection devices.

- Analysis and comparison, and the conclusion of the measurement’s results.


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