Building a tracking and photo album application on .NET platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In a world where almost everybody has a digital camera, or has a digital camera integrated in the phone, thousands of pictures are taken during a trip, holiday. These pictures can be taken everywhere around the globe to help us remember later. There are lot of programs to help organize the pictures, they can be rated, moved to folders and shared on community sites. The most common way to watch our pictures is to watch them in a timeline. When looking to a picture after a long time we are not perfectly sure where it was taken, on which hill exactly, in which city.

My application would help us store the whole trip together. The pictures would be connected to a map, where we can see and edit them. These edited trip than can be easily shared with other people in a separated trip viewer. This viewer is perfectly separated from the initial application and can be watched anywhere. It contains the map and the selected pictures as well.

The application would have two parts. The main part is a WPF application, where the trips can be handled. Here is the main map located, where the pictures can be added and connected.

The other part is an Android application, which can be used to monitor our trip with the help of the integrated GPS. This can be later imported to the main application.


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