Creating a hike planner web application

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The initial purpose of Spring framework’s development was to eliminate the errors and pitfalls of other frameworks and provide an alternative. To this day the framework achieved more than its inital golas, it provides almost all the functionality a modern web application needs.

Spring is an open source framework and its community is increasing quickly. Thanks to this community the framework development progressed at an unexpected rate. Spring supports portability, the applications can be deployed to web servers and application servers as well.

The purpose of Spring Boot was to make it even more simple for developers to harness the advantages of the framework and provide a radically faster and widely accessible getting started experience.

My thesis aims to present Spring Boot and the Spring Framework, the Thymeleaf template engine and AngularJS and their use in practice. Based on these technologies I implement a tour planner application. An additional requirement is that the system«s expandability and integration with other system«s.

The primary requirements are the design of an enterprise volume architecture that can serve many users and provide a modern user interface.

The functionality of the application covers the handling of tours and points of interests, while the users have the ability to use predefined tours in the course of tour planning.


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