Building a tourist note application for Windows 8 platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The store for Windows 8 has been recently made available for the wider, public user base, and started off with a steep grow. After one month of public availability, the number of applications that have been approved by Microsoft has grown near 20 thousand .

The tablets provide a combination of universal, versatile usability and compact mobility, this making them more of a need-to-have equipment on trips. Moreover, applications in the travel category are convenient, when it comes to hand held media.

Considering this, I have set the aim for my thesis to develop a smart tourist photo journal application for the Windows 8 platform, following the Modern UI design guidelines, explaining the steps of the planning and implementing of such an application.

The statistics on the application development page, it is almost accurate to say, that the Travel category has a firm 20000 of downloads daily. This is not much, considering the whole store, but if we take the number and quality of the applications offered in perspective, it is fair to say that most of the downloads should cluster around a few good applications. It means that with some luck in the design, a functional, usable, well supported application might build a solid user base eventually.

My application mostly relies on the mapping and geolocation services provided by Bing Maps; furthermore the user lifetime management and synchronisation relies on the Live SDK and Windows Azure services. Atough the application covers a small area of the travelling category, it is built on several currently actual and popular technologies.

The application aims to be in good use of the user on his tours, helping them capture the every highlight during a sightseeing or trip, on the go. The application is mainly for online usage (as the map is not locally available) , however the synchronised trips are available for view on all devices.


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