Accomodation reserving portal for turistic purposes

OData support
Dr. Kósa Zsuzsanna Mária
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

If we want to look for accommodation and booking, there are several options to choose from. People can choose to use internet search and they book accommodation themselves, which they have to coordinate everything with the landlord, and they have risk of pay, or they go to a travel via a travel agency where the administrator of the office administers everything with adequate accommodations, in this case we can pay safely, and we only need to travel. The second option is more popular, but more and more travel agencies open in Hungary, which have to compete with each other. Each agency plans to lure more customers in their agency who are satisfied with the services, and they will be the guests of the agency again, and again. Every little detail of a vacation matters, the tourism agencies have to provide extremely accurate administration to ensure a worry-free vacation. This can happen if they use an application that allows for accurate and fast search and that has reliable reservation function. The most suitable systems are the ERP systems, so more and more agencies will introduce this system.

In this paper I present a development of application, which is in SAP, in ABAP language. SAP systems are more popular, since there are many introductory reliable partners.

I present what data is needed for development, how can be these data stored in tables and how these tables are connected. The individual function's process are easier to interests of transparency I create diagrams and figures also. I implement the processes, and then I test the proper functioning of the program with various tests and various data.


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