Developing of a loop controller for fire alarm system

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Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis I explain the development process of the improved address line driver module’s software which is an inner element of the G4Touch fire alarm control panel. In the course of the project I had to move the old address line driver’s software to the new one, and I had to develop new functions too.

In the first chapter I give a general description about fire detection systems and sensors to substantiate the theoretical background of the project.

In the second chapter I present the G4Touch panel including the function of the units and the communication protocols.

In the third and fourth chapters I give description about the old and new line drivers to get acquainted with the hardware of the project and the reader hereby can differentiate my work from the parts of the old program. I justify here the necessity of the development too.

In the fifth chapter I make a draft of the steps of planning and the implementation.

In the sixth chapter I write about the round of the duties before the software porting, and this is followed by the seventh chapter, where the exact steps of porting can be read.

In the eighth chapter we can see that how I extended the program with new functions and how the control program had been accomplished.

In the ninth chapter I explain the plan and implementation of line answers’ evaluation algorithm that includes the software noise screening too.

In the last part I mention the problems which came up during the development and I unfold the solutions of these emerging problems.

At the end of my thesis I summarize and evaluate the work which was performed during the project and I take a look at the opportunities of future improvement.


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