Multiplatform TypeScript application development

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The HTML5 technology and JavaScript - which is responsible to make the content dynamic - has grown advanced and popular enough to use it in application development. The biggest advantage of this technology is its portability, as the number of supported platforms grow, one can use it in browsers and beyond. I made a puzzle game using HTML5 and JavaScript to experience the developing process of applications based on common codebase. The development was greatly supported by the use of language TypeScript. Using it I had a strongly typed enviroment and I made portable units in an object-oriented manner, which compiled to JavaScript.

I developed single- and multiplayer modes into the game, the latter is based on the SignalR library, which enables real-time two-way communication between client and server through a high-level layer. I wrote a common server-side with ASP.NET MVC framework. All clients connect to this Windows Azure hosted address, so the opponents can play each other from various platforms as well.

As of the clients, I have created a web game, taking cross-browser compatibility issues into account, and I have published the game to Microsoft Windows Store as a modern application with the name BoxR. I have also chosen PhoneGap as a third platform. This tool is able to create mobile applications from HTML and JavaScript code, this way i could implement the game for Android system too.


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