Typosquatting in domain name registrations

OData support
Dr. Félegyházi Márk
Department of Networked Systems and Services

On the internet the IP addresses are the fundamental basis for the operation. The IP addresses, however, are difficult to read and remember for humans, so domain names were introduced to refer to Internet resources. These domain names are everywhere. We use domain names not just for navigating on the internet but for sending e-mails too.

Phishing, pharming and typosquatting are the three main techniques for luring the good faith user to spoofed sites. Typosquatting is a speculative phenomenon in domain registration which takes advantage of the similar domain names and that the humans are not entirely sure about their typing skills. Popularity attracts speculation, and typosquatting is a showcase of this observation in the Internet ecosystem. Typosquatting maintains its popularity even in the face of the continuous effort to diminish its impact.

In this thesis, I design and implement a solution to mitigate the adverse effects of typosquatting. My proposal relies on solutions from related work, but it goes beyond their methods and overcomes some of their shortcomings. The primary purpose is to generate typo domains based on criterias. To achive this we need to create a typo search engine which is able to collect the typo domains into a list and use as a database to provide correct answers for a user through a browser plugin or for a blacklist based on the Domain Name Systems.

In my thesis I would like to present the related papers on the typosquatting problem and the finished typosquatting evaluation system designed and implemented by me which based on the test is able to detect and repair the typo domains more accurately than previous works.


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