Design and realization of UAV on-board communication system

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Horváth Gyula
Department of Electron Devices

Nowadays there is strong emphasis on developing an autonomous vehicle without considering that it is used on land, in water or in the air. These kinds of situations can demonstrate their importance, in which human presence is impossible, such as earthquakes or even accidents close to nuclear reactors. To make these vehicles a part of everyday life the most important requirement is to ensure high reliability.

It intends to achieve the project called “High Reliability UAV” which is under construction in System and Control Laboratory of Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Our aim is to design an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Nowadays such devices are not only for military use, but for more and more everyday applications too, just like making maps, or – already mentioned – assessing the damages of disasters.

In my thesis I will design the software- and also the hardware part of the aircraft’s on-board communication. In addition, I will integrate the actuator’s control to the panels, which were made by me. And what is more, I will provide the power management. As far as my work is considered, the nature of the on-board communication, the voting system, the power management and last but not least the low level diagnostics show the high reliability.


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