Planning of an UHF RFID system for positioning applications

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Every big company has one or more warehouses and complex logistics solutions. These systems usually involve RFID-based monitoring systems to track various assets passing by. The always topical question here is related to where our assets are located, which shelf they might be placed at. How can we figure out the next morning where our asset is that was packed and handled somewhere around the place the day before? Is there a way to track things more efficiently and in a modular way with low-cost or even open source tools? This works aims at extending a UWB-based indoor localization system with RFID-based asset tracking functionalities.

I provide a brief historical overview on the state of the art, while paying special focus to why and how RFID can be used. What are the alternatives and what can be a superior solution?

Moreover, I introduce the utilized technologies of my work together with the terminology necessary to understand the topic and aid us in creating a better and more accurate system.

Afterwards, I lay down specification for my work, based on real-life use cases. I briefly survey the industry as well as potential and available suppliers that can provide resources for my solution.

In order to get a clear picture on the hardware I intend to use, I present my measurement findings of selected hardware components. Based on these, I evaluate the feasibility of the proposed solution and form a design and implementation plan.

Moreover, I present the major details of the extension work done on the indoor positioning platform. This includes the verification and validation test reports of the systems as well. Finally, I draw my conclusions and lay down some future work.


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